Medical, Dental and Optical

Positions for a paediatric practitioner, general nurse, dentist and dental nurse are available at Anandaniketan - Society for Mental Health Care in West Bengal.

Anandaniketan is a not for profit organisation that provides residential care to 350 children, adolescents and adults. The residents mostly have physical, mental and/or intellectual disabilities, and many are orphans.

The medical and dental team work together providing with the staff and carers at Anandaniketan, to provide regular health and dental checks for the residents.

The paediatric medical team work with local staff and health professionals to assess the physical conditions of paediatric and young-adult residents, diagnose and plan appropriate patient treatment with local staff and health professionals, work alongside Equal Health allied health volunteers in assessing, monitoring and planning interventions for children and young people in Anandaniketan, provide support and instruction on preparing and maintaining client records and files and educating and training locals in appropriate skill sets that are sustainable in the absence of the Equal Health Team. The dental team provides dental consultations, treatment and treatment planning for Anandaniketan residents and the optical team provides eye examinations and spectacles for residents where necessary.