Message from Paul

Right now Equal Health is in immediate post India camp mode which means cleaning and packing up equipment, recording and assessing statistical data and evaluating team member surveys. It also means, for me, a moment to take time out from Equal Health activities to recharge, before it's time to begin working on the next India placements (2012). However, this post camp period is charged with a good feeling of achievement and success. The 2011 India camp was one of the smoothest and most successful we have experienced.

Meanwhile, the new East Timor destination for Equal Health has sparked a great deal of interest and we anticipate will expand to become a major placement opportunity for Equal Health members in the future.

While arguably it is a great chapter in time for Equal Health as far participation levels from Australian Health professionals and the organisation's delivery of service, it is also proving our most difficult time for procuring and maintaining funding support. Over the past two years our cash donations have dropped to alarmingly low levels due to greatly increased competition and harder economic times. Simply 'cold calling' potential donors does not guarantee success and requesting support for an overseas mission appears less interesting to donors that have been approached by legions of locally based charities. It seems our remaining donors are mostly known acquaintances of Equal Health members, which I guess is how networking works.

We are proud to launch our Friends of Equal Health campaign very soon, where people have the opportunity to pledge a monthly investment to Equal Health. So, if you feel you know someone, or an organisation, that may like to support Equal Health by way of a cash donation, no matter how big or small, please don't miss an opportunity to inform them of our organisation's worthwhile work.

Paul Clarke