Equal to Indian challenge

Beyond Bank Karrinyup branch manager Lauren Parry traded banking for caring as part of a visit to India with overseas aid group Equal Health last month.

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1 April 2014 - Stirling Times

Passage to India to help children

Cannington resident Stephanie Lee will travel to India for two weeks, using her experience as a speech pathologist to help special needs children.

Ms Lee and her colleagues from Challis Early Childhood Education Centre raised $3,800 for educational resources for disadvantaged children through the Equal Health organisation.

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4 February 2014 - Canning Times

Lauren trades banking to change lives in India

Karrinyup Beyond Bank Branch Manager, Lauren Parry, will trade banking business for the business of caring for some of India's most vulnerable people when she makes her first trip to India next month.

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Making time for orphans

A team of teachers and education assistants from Challis Early Childhood Education Centre (CECE) couldn't have been further from the usual confines of the classroom when they started teaching in the remote Indian town of Anandaniketan.

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21 January 2014 - Comment News, Armadale

A bake sale by the sea

Equal Health volunteers, OTs, Janine and Amy, baked up a storm to sell on Perth's Scarborough Beach raising $1,000 for the India 2013 camp.

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30 August 2013

Beyond Bank invest in equal health for all

Equal Health are delighted to be the recipient of Beyond Bank's (formerly United Community) Charity of Choice Campaign. Staff of the Karrinyup Branch raised $503 from selling chocolates and coffees. Equal Health have a wonderful long standing partnership with Karrinyup branch, having banked with them for over 10 years.

Guests at the Presentation Night received an insight into Equal Health's valuable work when Karrinyup Branch Manager, Lauren Parry, spoke about Equal Health's work by volunteers in providing free health care to people in need in developing countries.

Inspired the Equal Health's work, the Karrinyup branch staff have started knitting teddy bears to sell with the profits going to Equal Health.

Thank you to all the staff at Beyond Bank Karrinyup Branch for their continued support of Equal Health.

For information on how you can help further Equal Health's important work through fundraising at your workplace, please visit our Workplace Giving website page.

Karrinyup Branch Manager, Lauren Parry, hands a cheque for $503 to Equal Health founder, Paul Clarke.

6 August 2013

India trip an eye-opener

When Kensington resident Amy Rushton volunteered her skills overseas as part of her university degree she vowed she would help those in need again.

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7 May 2013 - Southern Gazette

India fix for pair of health care junkies

Noranda health professionals Brian and Nicki Hurwitz say they're "volunteer junkies" after a two-week trip to India this year when they provided free health care to the country's most vulnerable.

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30 April 2013 - Eastern Reporter

India is kept in clear sight thanks to Sue

Blackburn North optometrist Sue Strachan has just returned from her eighth trip to India as a volunteer helping to improve people's eyesight.

"One of the standout memories from this trip was the change on the face of a young boy with Down syndrome, Shiva, when I put on his first pair of glasses."

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24 April 2013 - Whitehorse Leader

Aussies give dental care to East Timor's most vulnerable

"There was a great need for dental treatment and patients were grateful for the services offered. We treated many children and teenagers and their stoic attitude to treatment was just amazing. It was not unusual to be extracting teeth in five and six year olds in two or three quadrants and their behaviour and acceptance of treatment was excellent."

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April 2013 - ADA News Bulletin

The challenges in India

"As a female occupational therapist working within the disability sector, I found it hard to comprehend the difference in treatment between men and women, and people with and without disabilities. I have come to realise that we are so lucky to live in a country like Australia; where everyone has equal access to health care and resources." - Amy Rushton, Occupational Therapist volunteer

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April 2013 - Cross Section - WA Occupational Therapy Association newsletter

India mission an eye-opener

Long-time Cranbourne optometrist David West gets many accolades from his local patients, but none like the ones he received during a recent trip to India as part of a health team.

"We were rewarded with many smiles and hugs, and it wasn't uncommon for the older patients to bend down and touch our feet in gratitude - rather humbling."

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1 April 2013 - Casey Weekly

Paul Clarke talks about volunteering in India on 98.5fm Sonshine FM

20 March 2013

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Couple's life changing trip to India

Husband and wife team, Brian and Nicki Hurwitz, had an experience of a lifetime when they returned to India in February as dental and allied health volunteers.

The lasting and profound difference to people's lives that access to health care can make was made very real to Nicki when, along with the allied health team, she delivered three new donated wheelchairs to a mental health care institution in Katwa, northern India.

"As Head of Allied Health, many of the highlights were not my own, yet part of the job I did in facilitating the work that my absolutely outstanding team did," said speech pathologist Mrs Nicki Hurwitz. "The way they put together the hard terrain wheelchairs that we brought with us, and adjusted them to serve three extremely disabled residents, was awe inspiring."

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Aussies to change lives of India's most vulnerable

Imagine not being able to go to the doctor when you're unwell or not being able to see simply because you don't have a pair of glasses. This is the reality many people in India and other developing countries face today as they simply don't have access to everyday health services that most Australians take for granted.

A team of 47 Aussie health professional volunteers are travelling to India to provide free health care appointments to over 12,000 people in need of dental, medical, optical and allied health care on February 1.

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The road to Trichirapalli

"Each day we set up camp in a different rural area with the help of a fantastic team of local organisations," Gillian recounts.

"Word spread quickly among locals that there were doctors and nurses and other health professionals available and that they could get medical treatment. Each day we saw people with a vast range of medical conditions and did what we could to treat them and offer relief. There was certainly no shortage of patients."

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Spring 2012 - Our Voice

News from Anandaniketan

Any volunteers who have been to Anandaniketan in Katwa, West Bengal, will know that the Girls' Shelter Home (GSH) and the conditions and difficulties its residents have to deal with, provide the biggest challenge for the Allied Health Team.

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Helen's magic moments

West Leederville speech pathologist Helen Ryan has returned to Perth after "the most challenging, rewarding and eye opening experience" of her professional and personal life.

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8 May 2012 - Western Suburbs Weekly

My Voice: Lacey Strachan

Mitcham nursing student Lacey Strachan travelled to India with a health care organisation and says volunteering is the best way to see a foreign country.

In February this year I was lucky enough to take part in an overseas aid trip to India with Equal Health - an Australian, non-profit, volunteer organisation that provides free health care to people in developing countries.

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25 April 2012 - Melbourne Weekly Eastern

The gift of sight

Erica Johnston has been an optometrist since 2000 but never have her services been more appreciated than on a recent trip to India. The Specsavers Mount Gambier co-owner added a two week volunteering mission to an Indian holiday and while she was working longer days and seeing more than five times the patients she normally would in a day it was the most memorable part of her February holiday.

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26 March 2012 - Lifestyle1 Magazine

Congratulations to the Society for Mental Health Care - Anandaniketan

Equal Health congratulates the Society for Mental Health Care - Anandaniketan on receiving the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. Equal Health is delighted and honoured to be working with this partner in West Bengal.

Giving the poor an equal chance

City Beach physiotherapist Rob Harper was among 52 volunteers from Equal Health who travelled to India this year to provide patients with free health care.

Equal Health provided free optical, dental, medical and alliedhealth appointments to more than 12,000 people through the program.

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18 October 2011 - Western Suburbs Weekly

Help volunteers take health care to needy

Falcon dental therapist Sally McLeish enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when she went to India earlier this year as a volunteer with Perth-based organisation Equal Health, as part of a team of 51 Australian health professional volunteers.

The group provided free health care to more than 12,000 people in need, but the organisation needs financial support for future projects.

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7 September 2011 - Mandurah Coastal Times

Speech pathology alumna Kristy Tomlinson named as finalist in 2011 WA Youth Awards

Kristy Tomlinson, who graduated in 2007, was recently nominated in the Educate! Edith Cowan University Award for leadership category at the 2011 WA Youth Awards.

Kristy was nominated for her inspirational work as a volunteer speech pathologist at an orphanage in India where she helped young people with disabilities. She also set up a charity to encourage and support future volunteer speech pathologists to explore this area.

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Equalising eyecare in the villages

In the course of a day, optometrist Sue Strachanwill see 14 people at her state of the art practicein Blackburn North, Victoria. In rural India, she will squeeze in 200 patients over ten hot, humid, hours in the dark room of a village school.

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29 June 2011 - mivision July 2011 news (issue 59)

Andrea gives gift of sight to poor

After spending two weeks in India earlier this year, South Perth ophthalmologist Andrea Ang (32) returned to Australia knowing she had changed the lives of dozens of people.

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14 June 2011 - Southern Gazette - Belmont, South Perth and Victoria Park

Caring for poorest

Mt Lawley resident Paul Clarke recently returned from India after helping provide free healthcare appointments to more than 12,000 people as part of an Equal Health volunteer team.

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17 May 2011 - Guardian Express

Making news in India

The work conducted by the Equal Health team in Trichy has been greatly appreciated and highlighted in the local news:

Australian health professionals required for life changing appointments in India

Imagine not being able to go to the dentist when you have a toothache or to the doctor when you're unwell. This is the reality many people in India today face. They simply don't have access to everyday health services that most Australians take for granted.

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East Timor and Australian Dental Volunteers

East Timor is one of Australia's closest neighbours. The capital, Dili, is as closer to Darwin than Sydney is to Brisbane. It is one of the world's newest nations and is also one of the world's the poorest. It needs our help ... now.

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