The optical team consists of optometrists, optical dispensers and ophthalmologists. The optical team work with local Indian partner agencies - Rajan Eye Care Hospital, RNH Eye Hospital, SEVAI, JMBC and Anandaniketan - to:

  • Test eyes.

  • Provide spectacles.

  • Provide free cataract surgery in Tamil Nadu.

Australian ophthalmologists work alongside local ophthalmologists to bring sight to the blind. The optical team test eyes, give away spectacles and provide free cataract surgery. The majority of visual problems presenting are associated with cataracts and presbyopia (hardening of the crystalline lens requiring reading glasses).The optical team dispenses spectacles that have been made in Perth at Casuarina Prison, with the frames donated from optical wholesalers and retailers, and the lenses supplied through Equal Health fundraising efforts.

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For as little as $5, you can provide spectacles for someone that can't see. Make a donation.

The Equal Health Optical Program is co-funded by Optometry Giving Sight - the only global fundraising initiative that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error - simply the need for an eye examination and glasses.

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