South Africa

Equal Health worked in collaboration with partner agency Metropolitan Evangelical Services (MES) in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa for five years assisting them in their work of supporting children and young people.

MES works with children and youth living on the streets, providing basic care, food, clothing and blankets. They also offer occupational training with job placement upon completion. MES also has other programs such as business initiatives and literacy, numeracy and basic art classes.

Equal Health provided medical and dental treatment at night shelters and to a children's crèche. Many of the patients present with chronic conditions resulting from HIV/TB, as well as injuries from trauma such as gunshot wounds and stabbings.

The Equal Health team liaised with the Johannesburg General Hospital and other clinics to refer patients when necessary. Counselling and referral was also provided to encourage HIV testing.

Due to heightened safety risks in the Hillbrow area, this Equal Health project is currently on hold.

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