Equal Health is seeking corporate sponsors who share Equal Health's passion for helping people in need in developing countries and will invest in furthering Equal Health's programs well into the future.

Sponsorship enquiries to: info@equalhealth.org.au or phone: (+61) 0417 913 463.

Funding is required for a range of community capacity building programs:

  • Type 2 diabetes education program - where Australian health professionals equip Indian health workers with skills and resources to improve the health of people living with and at risk of type 2 diabetes in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
  • Special education programs - improving the skills of special education teachers in West Bengal.
  • Establishing a community garden to improve nutrition and provide opportunities for income generation and sustainable development in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
  • Improving the oral hygiene of school children in rural areas in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
  • Provision of a transportable dental surgery.
  • Establishment of a Dental Centre in Trichy.


Equal Health does not currently receive Government funding and receives all of its funding through its membership, and private and public sector support.

Equal Health is an AusAID approved organisation governed by established AusAID criteria and has adopted the Australian Council for International Development's code of conduct.

Equal Health is an incorporated body under the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1987 Section (1), since June 1999, and received registration under the Western Australian Charitable Collections Act 1946 in March 2001.