Wanted Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

With fundraising at the forefront of our organisation, the Fundraising Coordinator plays a crucial role in organising, delegating and executing the tasks necessary to manage a successful fundraising event. Fundraising events include an annual Quiz Night and Movie Night, and any additional events at the Fundraising Coordinators discretion.

Interested volunteers must be motivated and committed to helping others, please contact the Equal Health office at  info@equalhealth.org.au

Wanted - Volunteers for the Fundraising Committee

Be part of the team organising social and fundraising events. Whether it be a few hours a month or just helping out at events such as the quiz night, the more the merrier.

Please contact the Equal Health office at  info@equalhealth.org.au

We are searching for Committee Members, positions available are: Volunteer - Fundraising Officer and Fundraising committee members.

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Responsibilities - Fundraising Officer

  • Regularly attend Management Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Make a serious commitment to participate actively in Equal Health committee work
  • Volunteer for, and willingly accept assignments which are to be completed thoroughly and on time
  • Stay informed regarding committee matters
  • Actively review minutes of meetings and reports
  • Get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to organisational harmony
  • Participate in Equal Health's planning
  • Actively participate in Equal Health's fundraising efforts
  • Have an understanding of, and commitment to Equal Health's Mission Statement, Code of Ethics and Constitution
  • To treat matters within the organisation as confidential and abide by decisions taken. Management Committee members should not seek to undermine any previous decisions
  • Advise the Chairperson of any development which may result in a direct conflict of interest with decisions being taken by the Management Committee
  • To use their specific skills, knowledge or experience to contribute to sound decision making in the best interests of the organisation and not the individual
  • To be objective, honest and able to deal with issues of a confidential nature


  • Management Committee members must be a financial Equal Health member
  • Management Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every second month
  • The term of office for Management Committee members is three (3) years as per the Equal Health constitution
  • Management Committee members are expected to nominate to at least one sub-committee
  • This role generally requires a commitment of five (5) hours per month