Supporting an assistant teacher for the SEVAI school in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Disabled Children Project

This program aims to provide good quality education to disabled children in the rural areas of South India by financing the salaries of skilled teachers. Those teachers are working in SEVAI Shanthi Matric School, in adapted building and with adapted material, and are actively involved in the education and the well-being improvement of the children.

The program is implemented in South India, in the Tamil Nadu state, Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) district. More specifically, the project is implemented in Shanthi Matric School, near Pattavaithalai.


SEVAI disabled children school provide high quality and personal education to mentally or physically handicapped children.

The school takes care of 29 children, aged between 4 and 12 year-old. However, some students with particular learning/emotional difficulties study in the school until the age of 15 with vocational education focus.

Divided in two classrooms, the Disabled Children Children school employes two full-time teacher, two full-time assistants and one part-time staff for the cleaning of the building. Children are learning by playing under the supervision of the staff and by practicing Tamil, Maths and basic English words.


Equal Health is supporting the school by providing the salary of one of assistant  teachers. The presence of this staff allows the children to study in two separate classrooms with the same quality of cares. Actually 29 children are directly impacted by the project and are able to study in good conditions, 14 in the classroom managed by the people supported by SEVAI.

We would like to say thanks to Equal Health Australia for its support to such a need project.