Orphanage Project

A 64 year old poor man who earns 8,000 Afg per month. He could only support his family with such a minimal salary and couldn't afford to have his kidney stones removed, he's been putting up with the pain for the past few years. He was examined the local hospital and sent to a private specialty hospital and underwent a successful procedure. It was truly heartbreaking to see him cry when he heard that he doesn't have to love with the pain any longer. He mentions how he walks to his workplace everyday as he doesn't use his bicycle and there is a hill in between his house and workplace and crossing that used to be a nightmare but now he climbs it with a smile.

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Meet Wali, the sole income earner of his household with a history of trauma to his eye. He was losing his vision but couldn't afford his surgery and had he lost his vision his family would struggle to make ends meet. The surgical procedure was sponsored by Equal Health and he is waiting for the surgery due to COVID related travel restrictions as he has to travel to the neighbouring country Pakistan for the surgery. Post surgery, hw would be able to retain his vision and continue to support his beloved family.


Our dear friend Mirwais Adam has been living with immense pain and needed a rods removal surgery due to a war related leg injury. Thanks to support from Equal Health he doesn't have to be in pain any longer.


We purchased a wheelchair for Zahir who has a few developmental issues, belongs to a very poor family and used to crawl around with "leather hand gloves"... The school used to organise some trips every now and then vis motorcycle through one of the teachers but not as often for obvious reasons.

For this one women are unfortunately not often recorded (cultural issue) hence why his dear mother couldn't be recorded, but we have this video of her son, in Afghanistan, he is a teacher, sitting in their two bedroom mud house, his father died when he was younger.. Zaytullah, was given  80900 Afg for his mother's treatment. She is a diabetic patient who recently had an operation for an ulcer removal from her stomach. She is under continuous management of the doctors as her wounds are yet to heal.