Here are some of the amazing projects that Equal Health are currently supporting

  • $5,000 donated to the toilet project - supplying toilets for villages (made by women) where fertiliser is made from the waste.
  • $2,000 injected into an education program for HIV in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
  • $2,000 to support an assistant teacher for the SEVAI school in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
  • $5,000 being contributed towards an education program at Shishur Sevay home for children with disabilities.
  • $5,000 towards the Sanitary napkin project at Anandaniketan in Katwa, West Benga l, Providing affordable sanitary napkins to women in low-income communities within India, who otherwise do not have access to the such products, in India teenage girls living in these areas are unable to attend school while they are menstruating and miss on average 3 months schooling per year. Anandaniketan, where the Sanitary Napkin machine will be located, provides residential care to 350 children, adolescents and adults. The residents have physical, mental and/or intellectual disabilities and many are orphans. The machine will also provide employment for the girls we will train to operate and maintain it.
  • $10,000 has provided support for 200 families affected by the devastation of the Gaja Cyclone in November 2018. The area in the Coastal and delta belt District - particularly the coastal area of Nagapattinam District including the  Nagapattinam SEVAI centre which has been devastated.
  • $15,000 donation to our Indian Partners Society for Education Village and Improvement who are supporting their local communities in Tamil Nadu during the COVID-19 crisis in April 2020. They have organised volunteers to prepare and distribute food as well as supplying face masks and hand sanitiser to people who are among the most vulnerable and poorest households in the district, especially in the villages of those that have no income or reserve funds due the lockdown in India.
  • In 2021 we have provided further donation of $31,000 for support during COVID 19 to our partners  SEVAI in Trichy Tamil Nadu, the majority of Equal Health's donation was used to assist a COVID support project, which provided food packages for local people that were unable to work during the many months of lockdown.
  • We have also been able to assist an Orphanage in Afghanistan will some health aid to those who needed Medical procedures but could not afford to have the treatment. We have been able to provide support with $5,000 in donations.

New equipment to support out India teams

  • Dental Portable units, dental hand-pieces and LED scalers
  • Optical - Vertometer and Retinomax auto refractor
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Audiometer

This has all been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our incredible Australian Health Professional volunteers and committee, the very generous donations, the Indian communities and everyone else who has supported Equal Health over the years.

Thank you for making this possible.