General Practitioner Volunteer - John Whitelaw

It all started with Paul persuading me to volunteer with Equal Health in India and since I worked in a mission hospital in South Africa as a student doctor I was interested in going and so went on my first camp in 1993. I really enjoyed the company of the people I worked alongside and the fact that you didn't know what the next day was going to offer or how things are going to work out- never a dull moment. Everything was so different - it just doesn't compare to working in Australia. My GP experience of many years allowed me to go with the flow and accept whatever happened. I found the teamwork essential as well as good fun and great company.

Now I've just come back from my sixth camp and the level of excitement that builds up prior to the camp is still the same as my initial camp many years ago. One of this year's highlights was the last night dance spectacular with well dressed gentlemen in turbans with equally colourful elegant 'Indian' ladies. It was quite a memorable evening - I had a great time.

My recommendation to any new volunteers is to give it a go. A whole new world is open to you!

John Whitelaw - General Practitioner, Private Practice