Ann Grace


2017 Camp

It truly was a surprise to feel so welcomed by local people. 'Whilst the purpose of our visit was to work alongside staff at the school, I found unexpected delights in the generosity of the people in the local villages.

Our early morning walks took us past rice paddies and small villages. Some women invited us in for chai on their pressed earth veranda and in return asked us to do the chicken dance. We heard the morning music playing to celebrate a local wedding, mask makers offered us a fitting and our regular afternoon chai drew ever increasing crowds with people keen to communicate. A breakfast date was arranged one morning with an ex-navy gentleman who offered our group chai and biscuits in his elaborate home.

During our two weeks when venturing outside of Anadaniketan, the locals smiled, waved and shared their world which communicated more about the kindness and lifestyle of the people than any organised tour could ever imagine.' Ann