Caitlan and Erica's eye opening experience

Optical dispenser, Caitlan Plowright and optometrist Erica Johnston joined the Equal Health India team this year for the first time and both had a memorable experience.

"Something I will never forget from my experience in India, was when I was fitting an elderly man with his new glasses, and he stood back and looked around at the room stunned, as if it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Then he looked down to his arms and started playing with his arm hair with the biggest smile on his face, he was fascinated, it was like he had never seen the hair on his arms before - he was very grateful for his new glasses," Caitlan said."I was fortunate enough to share the experience with a great group of people, who made my time over there very enjoyable. It is hard to see the amount of need over there and not want to go back to help, so I can't wait for my next trip to do it all again."

"I had such a great time in India. It was very rewarding to see the big smiles on people's faces when they could suddenly see to read, or sew, or drive, often for the first time in years! They were so genuinely happy and thankful that we had come all that way to help them," Erica said.

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