Registered Nurse Volunteer - Lynette Cheverall

Our medical team of health professional volunteers have been working with the staff of partner agency SEVAI (Society for Education Village Action and Improvement) in Trichy for over four years.

Equal Health has established a strong relationship with the staff of SEVAI, giving vital input into the services provided, resulting in significant improvements to the services offered.

Registered Nurse volunteer Lynette Cheverall says,

"One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to provide some education to young girls training as nurses. These girls were amazing in their desire to learn, they were extremely grateful to learn anything we were prepared to teach.

"I taught a young girl how to take a blood pressure - it was positively delightful to see the intense concentration on her face intent on listening for the first sounds of the blood pressure and then the brilliant Indian head wobble and smile when she heard it.

"The time they spent with us watching and listening to our constant advice will help them, their families and local community."

Our work at SEVAI is a fine example of funds raised by Equal Health helping to bring lasting change to some of the world's most vulnerable people through free access to health care and expertise.